Pak-India Battle of Tallest Flag at Wagah Border Likely as India Plans to Hoist 418-feet High Tricolour

Sun Apr 09 2023
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LAHORE: The battle for hoisting the tallest national flag on the Wagah-Attari Joint border check post between Pakistan and India is likely to start once again as India has erected a 418-foot tall tower for the purpose, local media reported on Sunday.


India, taking the initiative, is all set to hoist its tallest tricolour in front of its stadium at the joint check post at Wagah, for which a 418-foot high tower has already been erected. The media quoting sources said that India will also install modern cameras on the 418-feet high pole, which will be able to monitor the surroudings for several kilometers on all four sides.


Earlier, India had hoisted a 360-feet tall tricolour in March 2017, as Pakistan responded it with a 400-feet tall flag on its 70th Independence Day on August 14, 2017. With a 120-feet length and 80-feet width, it is the tallest flag in South Asia and the eighth tallest in the world.


Now that the National Highway Authority, India is going to hoist the tricolour 418-foot high, Pakistan is expected to take steps to raise its flag higher than that of its arch-rival, starting a new race to be the ‘highest’. Both countries have spent millions of rupees in the race to hoist their flag higher than the other nation and both flags can be seen from several kilometers distance.


According to The Independent, in 2017, Islamabad had raised concerns over India’s tallest-ever flag pole being instrumental in “espionage”. The 110-metres high flag, also seen in Lahore, was erected at the Attari border which had prompted Islamabad to accuse New Dehli of violating the international treaties. Pakistan had filed a complaint to the Border Security Force (BSF) and had raised suspicions that hidden cameras may have been installed on the flag pole for spying purposes.


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