Pak-India Ticket Prices Soar Ahead of T20 World Cup Match

Sat May 25 2024
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ISLAMABAD: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has set the ticket prices for the T20 World Cup 2024 matches in hundreds of dollars for ordinary fans and thousands of dollars in the diamond category. The mega event will be co-hosted by the US and West Indies for the very first time in history, between June 1 and June 29. The long-standing rivals, Pakistan and India will come face-to-face on Sunday, June 9, in New York.

The prices set by the ICC for the diamond category is $20,000, which is about around Rs5.6 million in Pakistani currency and Rs1.7 million in Indian currency. Meanwhile, the former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi said that tickets for the highly-anticipated clash being held are offered for as much as $20,000 per seat. He says that the ICC intends to put profits ahead of the game promotion.

Due to high demand prices for Pak-India matches have earlier skyrocketed, with several examples of tickets being sold for more than ten times their early price.

Pakistan and India have not played a bilateral series Since 2013, which has increased the excitement around the sports, whenever the two sides play each other in the Asia Cup or the ICC events.

India’s World Cup campaign will start on Wednesday, June 5, in New York against Ireland and continue the following day in the same stadium against Pakistan.

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