Pak-Kuwait Ties to Boost Investment: Abdul Aleem Khan

Sat May 25 2024
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ISLAMABAD: A high-level delegation led by Federal Minister for Investment, Privatization and Communications Abdul Alee Khan will visit Kuwait to promote investment in Pakistan, highlight opportunities for business projects and strengthen bilateral cooperation.

The Pakistani delegation is expected to meet the Prime Minister of Kuwait and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Energy and Petroleum, while the Commerce Minister of Kuwait will be the host. Trade and business activities between the two countries will also be completed and the visit to Kuwait will be more useful in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Commerce.

Federal Minister for Investments Abdul Aleem Khan presided over an important consultation meeting regarding the visit to Kuwait where necessary matters were finalized. Federal Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that during his visit to Kuwait, progress will be made in providing employment to more manpower from Pakistan, especially health professionals and skilled manpower, as well as gaining the confidence of the business community and the private sector.

Pakistan will enhance cooperation by accepting Pakistani export companies for dairy farms, meat products, rice and other food items to move forward through expedited measures, Abdul Aleem Khan added.

The minister further said that the visit of the Pakistani delegation to Kuwait will be the beginning of a new era of mutual cooperation, improvement of economic affairs and investment for which relevant departments are preparing with full responsibility.

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The federal minister further said that building trust between Pakistan and Kuwait will have a positive impact on the economic conditions of the country and the promotion of industry and business activities across the country will be possible.

The meeting was informed that the Ambassador of Pakistan in Kuwait is also present in connection with this visit and has arranged all necessary administrative matters with the Kuwaiti authorities. Senior officials from overseas human resources, interior, economy, trade and various ministries also briefed on possible preparations regarding a visit to Kuwait by the end of this month.

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