Pakistan to Make ‘Gwadar Port’ a Trade Hub to Boost Economy: Minister

Thu May 23 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh said on Thursday that the government was trying to make ‘Gwadar Port’ a trade hub to boost the economy of Pakistan.

During a meeting, focused on enhancing measures to increase business activity through “Gwadar Port” and seeking proposals from stakeholders, the minister said that they are gathered to work out a comprehensive plan in making Gwadar Port a pivotal hub in Pakistan’s trade network according to the dynamic vision of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

He said that by addressing the challenges and implementing strategic improvements, the government was committed to enhancing the import and export capabilities, which will have far-reaching benefits for the entire country.

In the meeting, the discussions centred around optimizing the port’s operational capacity, improving infrastructure, and implementing efficient customs procedures to facilitate smooth import and export processes.

Upgradation of Gwadar Port’s Facilities

Plans to upgrade port facilities, including the modernization of loading and unloading equipment and the expansion of storage capacities were also reviewed in the discussion session.

Measures to integrate advanced digital tracking system and streamline bureaucratic procedures were also discussed to ensure faster clearance of goods. The potential of granting industrial status to the fisheries sector was discussed recognizing its significance in boosting economic activity and exports as there has been a considerable increase in fish export over the last year making it the third in the list of top export items.

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