Pakistani Students Highlight Rich Cultural Heritage at Chinese University

Tue May 28 2024
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BEIJING: Pakistani students captivated attendees with vivid cultural presentations and vibrant performances during the 7th International Cultural Festival of the Dalian University of Technology in China.

The festival, themed “Winds of Connection, Dreams of the Silk Road”, brought together more than ten thousand faculty and students from over seventy countries and regions, fostering a dynamic arena where understanding and cultural exchange flourish.

The Pakistani contingent presented an impressive array of performances, including the superhit melody “Dil Dil Pakistan,” a lively dance piece titled “Pakistani Cultural Dance”, an enchanting instrumental performance “Tapple Rabab Music”, the haunting melody of “Jar Sea Pekhawar Tar”, and not only showcasing the rich musical traditions of Pakistan but also spotlighting the talent and enthusiasm of the students.

Complementing the performances, more than eight stalls representing Pakistani culture and cuisine were set up, providing a glimpse into the country’s vibrant traditions.

The stalls feature the intricate art of Pakistani body painting known as Henna or Mehndi, where skilled artists painted elaborate designs on volunteers’ hands.

Pakistani Food Attracts Attendees

Alongside the artistic display, Pakistani food, particularly the popular biryani, gol gappay, and numerous sweet dishes were also available for the participants to taste.

The delicious aroma of Pakistani cuisine filled the air, offering a unique culinary experience to the foreign audience.

About two hundred Pakistani students from across Dalian participated in the festival, representing the vibrant Pakistani community in the city.

The 7th DUT International Cultural Festival was a resounding success with Pakistani students playing an important role in its festivities.

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