PM Shehbaz Sharif Orders Special Flight to Repatriate Students from Kyrgyzstan

Sun May 19 2024
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ISLAMABAD: On Sunday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif contacted Hassan Ali Zaigham, the Ambassador of Pakistan in the Kyrgyz Republic, and instructed him to arrange a special flight to bring back Pakistani students from Bishkek. This directive came in response to recent attacks on Pakistani students by local mobs, which have caused significant concern for their safety.

According to the PM Office Media Wing, the special airplane is scheduled to depart for Bishkek this evening and will return to Pakistan with 130 students on board by Sunday night. The Government of Pakistan, under the prime minister’s orders, will cover all expenses related to this special flight.

The prime minister emphasized the importance of maintaining continuous contact with all students and their families. He prioritized the return of injured students and directed that arrangements be made for those students whose families are also residing in Kyrgyzstan to return as soon as possible.

Ambassador Zaigham updated the prime minister on his meeting with the Kyrgyz Deputy Foreign Minister. The Kyrgyz authorities have assured that the situation is now under control, with no new incidents of violence reported in the past two days. Enhanced security measures have been implemented, ensuring the safety of foreign students, including Pakistanis.

Prime Minister Sharif further instructed that, despite the return of normalcy in Bishkek, students who wish to return to Pakistan should be facilitated. Additionally, a number of students have already returned to Pakistan via commercial flights on Sunday.

This swift action highlights the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens abroad, demonstrating prompt and effective response measures in times of crisis.

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