Political Party’s Social Media Campaign to Defame Pakistan Exposed

Sun Nov 19 2023
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ISLAMABAD: A nefarious social media campaign orchestrated by a political party to discredit Pakistan has been exposed, leveling baseless allegation of the country providing arms to Israel. Certain elements within the political faction launched this campaign, exploiting the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza Strip and West Bank to further their own interests.

The false narrative gained traction as supporters of the political party propagated the unfounded claim that Pakistan was involved in transporting weapons to Israel. This fictional story found its way into Indian media, which presented it as news, a tactic frequently employed by India when provided with opportunities by such elements.

However, upon investigation, the accusation was revealed to be entirely fabricated. The alleged aircraft and the flight in question had no connection whatsoever to Pakistan. In reality, the flight was part of British efforts to transfer undocumented Afghan refugees, underscoring how misinformation proliferates in the post-truth era, with social media serving as a primary tool for spreading falsehoods.

Misleading Social Media Campaign

In a previous instance, a misleading video surfaced falsely portraying scenes from a purported November 2023 attack at an airbase in Mianwali. The video, originally from May 2023, depicted supporters of the PTI chairman burning a dummy fighter jet. Such incidents exemplify the deceptive tactics employed by those seeking to tarnish Pakistan’s image.

Despite these efforts to malign the country, Pakistan has consistently stood in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. The nation has vociferously condemned Israeli aggression in Gaza at various international forums, including the UN Security Council.

The people of Pakistan have expressed profound sympathy for the Palestinians, evidenced by the dispatch of two relief flights carrying essential items to aid those affected by the relentless bombing and siege imposed by Israel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reiterated Pakistan’s unwavering stance on the issue multiple times, leaving no room for doubt or question.

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