Princess Eugenie Opens Up After Kate Middleton’s Emotional Statement

Sun Jun 09 2024
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LONDON: Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, has broken her social media silence with a heartfelt message on World Oceans Day, shortly after Kate Middleton’s emotional letter was released.

Taking to Instagram, Eugenie shared a video expressing her deep connection to the ocean and the importance of its preservation. She captioned her post with a call to action, encouraging her followers to share their own ocean stories and support the work of the Blue Marine Foundation, of which she is an ambassador.

“This Ocean’s Day I wanted to share why the ocean means so much to me,” Eugenie wrote. “After reading the book ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ by Ian Urbina, I realized just how important the ocean is to the whole world. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also vital for us to survive.”

“I’m extremely proud to be a Blue Marine Foundation ambassador and supporter in all of the work that they do to protect the ocean and I urge you to support them in their work,” she said and added “This Ocean’s Day, let’s celebrate the ocean by sharing your ocean stories with me, either in the comments below this post or via my stories. I can’t wait to share them.”

Eugenie’s post comes in the wake of Kensington Palace’s release of Kate Middleton’s emotional letter to the Irish Guards, expressing regret over missing the Colonel’s Review royal event.

In her letter, the Duchess of Cambridge conveyed her pride in the regiment ahead of the Colonel’s Review and Trooping the Colour, acknowledging the dedication and hard work of all involved in preparing for the event.

“I appreciate everyone Trooping this year has been practising for months, and dedicating many hours to ensure their uniforms and drill are immaculate,” Middleton wrote.

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