Pro-Palestinian Protests Engulf Entire Europe

Mon May 13 2024
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PARIS: Pro-Palestinian protests continue across the continent of Europe, condemning Israel’s attacks on Gaza with significant gatherings in France, Greece, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

In Madrid, thousands marched, while responding to calls from non-governmental organizations, denouncing Israel and its allies, the US and the European Union.

They were holding banners proclaiming, “This is not a war but genocide,” and demanded urgent actions against Israel from the Spanish government and the global community.

Similarly, in Lisbon, pro-Palestinian students at the University of Lisbon held a rally at the campus to express solidarity with Gaza.

Athens also saw hundreds rally, mainly left-wing students and activists, supporting an end to Israeli aggression and supporting the formation of an independent Palestinian state.

Meanwhile, in Amsterdam, approximately 15,000 protesters gathered in Dam Square, criticizing the Nakba and ongoing violence. The rally echoed sentiments against the government of the Netherlands for supporting Israel, with calls for a permanent ceasefire and an end to the genocide in Gaza.

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Berlin’s demonstration had nearly 3,000 participants to Kreuzberg, loudly denouncing Germany’s supply of weapons to Israel and declaring it complicit in war crimes.

Italian cities like Rome, Milan, and Turin also saw rallies with thousands marching, with strong criticisms against the Italian government’s position on Israel.

Paris saw a significant turnout at Republic Square, where thousands expressed their support for Palestine, demanding an immediate ceasefire and the lifting of blockades.

According to the Gaza health ministry, the Israeli relentless bombardment in Gaza has killed more than 35,000 people mostly women and children.

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