Prolonged Exposure to Polluted Air, Smog Can Lead to Lung Cancer

Mon Dec 04 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Inhaling toxic air loaded with pollution and smog not only increases the risk of asthma but can also lead to the development of lung cancer, warned a health expert on Monday.

Dr. Sherman Yasmin emphasized the importance of adopting lifestyle measures to safeguard lung health in light of these risks. During an interview with the state news channel, Dr. Yasmin highlighted that prolonged exposure to air pollution could harm human lungs, resulting in conditions such as asthma, upper respiratory allergies, lung cancer, and heightened risks of heart and neurological diseases.

She identified major contributors to outdoor air pollution by pointing to transportation, stationary power generation, industrial and agricultural emissions, residential heating, and cooking.

Discussing early indicators of lung cancer, Dr. Yasmin highlighted symptoms such as coughing up blood, difficulty breathing, chronic cough, wheezing, COPD, asthma, weakness, voice changes, and the eventual formation of cancer.

She recommended avoiding wood and coal fires, reducing smoking, and checking real-time air quality before heading outdoors to mitigate these risks. Responding to a query, Dr. Yasmin stressed that lung cancer poses a significant global public health concern, causing a substantial number of deaths. Still, early treatment can prevent its progression and spread to other body parts.

She underscored the vulnerability of children and older people due to their less efficient or impaired particle clearance mechanisms, emphasizing the need for heightened protection in these demographic groups. —APP



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