Protest in Rajouri Against Power Crisis and Unfulfilled Demands

Tue Dec 19 2023
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JAMMU: Residents of Rajouri district in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir staged a protest at the Old Bus Stand, expressing their discontent over the persistent electricity suspension despite substantial payments in the form of bills.

The demonstrators, including social and political activists, voiced their concerns about the severe power crisis affecting normal life in the region. While scheduled power cuts were acknowledged, the protesters emphasized the critical issue of unscheduled power curtailment, demanding a reliable and consistent electricity supply.

“Smooth power supply is essential for normal life, and the areas of Rajouri district are grappling with a severe power crisis,” declared the demonstrators.

The protest aimed to draw attention to the grievances of the local population and urge authorities to address the power-related challenges promptly. The residents stressed the importance of a consistent and uninterrupted power supply for the well-being and routine functioning of the community.

The demonstration underscores the pressing need for effective measures to ensure reliable electricity services in the region, fostering a better quality of life for the residents.

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