PTC Launches ‘Made in Pakistan 3.0’ Initiative with ‘Velo’ Exports to Japan

Mon May 27 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited (PTC) has announced the launch of its ‘Made in Pakistan 3.0’ initiative. The initiative will see the export of PTC’s modern oral tobacco-free nicotine pouches, Velo, to Japan, expanding Pakistan’s footprint in the global market and bringing in potential foreign exchange earnings to the tune of USD 100 Million annually through all its exports.
The launch event was graced by Jam Kamal Khan, Federal Minister for Commerce, alongside distinguished guests from the public and private sectors, as well as members of the media.

Over the past five years, PTC has contributed over PKR 680 billion to the national exchequer, earning the prestigious ‘Highest Taxpayers Award’ in 2024 in recognition of its substantial fiscal contributions.
In April 2019, PTC embarked on its ‘Made in Pakistan’ initiative, in line with the Government of Pakistan’s export ambitions, focusing on the export of cigarettes and processed tobacco to various countries. This venture has generated over USD 157 million since then.

The ‘Made in Pakistan 3.0’ initiative aims to further enhance Pakistan’s economic standing. The introduction of nicotine pouches to the Japanese market represents a pivotal step in PTC’s commitment to innovation and growth and on its journey of creating A Better Tomorrow. This unlocks the potential to add an additional USD 50 million annually through foreign exchange earnings.
Federal Minister Jam Kamal said, “Today marks a new chapter in PTC’s history. The ‘Made in Pakistan 3.0’ initiative showcases Pakistan’s capability to produce high-quality, innovative products for the global market.”
The minister, said, “Pakistan has always been an ideal destination for foreign investors. The government is doing its best to facilitate such large-scale investors at all levels.”

BAT Group’s Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Michael Dijanosic said, “It’s a proud moment as PTC prepares to export modern oral nicotine pouches to key markets like Japan. This achievement highlights our strong partnership and marks a major step forward for both BAT and Pakistan. Expanding into international markets creates new revenue streams and opportunities, reinforcing our position as global leaders.”
PTC’s Managing Director and CEO, Ali Akbar added, “We are thrilled to expand our reach with Velo and contribute further to the economic development of Pakistan. I would like to further request the Government of Pakistan to continue extending its valuable support by framing the right regulatory and fiscal regime for this segment, enabling it to flourish. Sensible regulations will certainly determine the long-term success and sustainability of this business.”

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