Putin Calls Up 150,000 for Military Service Amid Escalating Tensions

Mon Apr 01 2024
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MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree initiating the routine spring conscription campaign, summoning 150,000 citizens for statutory military service.

The conscription, mandated for all men in Russia from the age of 18, is part of the country’s long-standing military service requirements. In July, Russia’s parliament voted to increase the maximum conscription age to 30, effective from January 1, 2024, reflecting adjustments in military recruitment policies.

Compulsory military service remains a sensitive issue in Russia, with many individuals resorting to various measures to avoid conscription during the semi-annual call-up periods. Conscripts are restricted from being deployed to fight outside Russia’s borders, although exceptions have occurred, such as the inadvertent deployment of some conscripts to the conflict in Ukraine in 2022.

Amid the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russian shelling has resulted in casualties both in the conflict zone and beyond. In Kharkiv, an eastern Ukrainian city frequently targeted by Russian assaults, civilian infrastructure was struck, though no injuries were reported. The escalation of attacks on infrastructure has extended beyond the front lines, with regions such as Lviv experiencing deadly strikes, causing casualties and significant damage.

In response to the escalating tensions, regional authorities on both sides have reported casualties and damage resulting from the ongoing military actions. However, independent verification of the reported incidents is challenging due to the fog of war and the absence of reliable sources.


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