Putin Lauds Beijing’s Role in Ukraine Crisis Ahead of China Visit

Wed May 15 2024
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BEIJING, China: Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed appreciation for China’s constructive approach to resolving the Ukraine crisis in an interview with Chinese state media released on Wednesday, just ahead of his two-day visit to the country.

Putin’s upcoming visit to Beijing, where he will meet with his counterpart Xi Jinping, marks his first trip abroad since his re-election in March. It underscores the significance of strengthening ties with China amidst Russia’s ongoing military campaign in Ukraine and its economic isolation.

In the interview with Xinhua, Putin commended China’s understanding of the root causes and global implications of the Ukraine crisis, referencing a position paper China issued in February 2023 outlining a political settlement plan.

Putin emphasized the sincerity of China’s desire to contribute to stabilizing the situation, noting the ideas and proposals outlined in the document. The visit comes as Russia seeks to deepen its partnership with China, especially amid Western sanctions imposed in response to its military actions in Ukraine.

The close economic ties between Russia and China have drawn attention and scrutiny from the West, particularly as Russia looks to China for economic support amidst sanctions. Both nations have benefited from increased trade, with China receiving energy imports from Russia and gaining access to natural resources.

However, this partnership has also raised concerns in the West, leading to threats of sanctions against entities collaborating with Russia. Despite external pressures, Russia and China continue to strengthen their strategic alliance, with Putin’s visit underscoring the importance of their relationship on the global stage.

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