Russian Anti-Putin Paramilitaries Join Ukraine’s Fight in Kharkiv

Fri May 17 2024
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KHARKIV REGION:  Russian paramilitaries who are opposed to President Putin’s war against Ukraine have joined Ukrainian forces to fight in Kharkiv region.

Ukraine has sent reinforcements, including a division and two other units comprising of Russian nationals, to enhance its defense against a Russian ground military operation into the Kharkiv region that started nearly a week ago.

A Russian fighting for Kyiv talking to Western media said the situation is difficult in Kharkiv and the intensity is very high.

The fighter said there is fighting almost every ten minutes.

The soldier is part of the Russia Legion, a group of Russians who oppose President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine. He said Russian infantry were trying to intrude deeper into Ukraine.

Both sides claim that the other is suffering heavy casualties in the war, however, that cannot be verified independently.

The Freedom of Russia Legion’s deputy commander Maksimilian Andronikov, said Russia’s fighters have become more innovative.

He added the Russians have learnt the lessons of the war and they are using rather intelligent strategies.

The fighter said today, four guided aerial bombs came in, about 500 metres away.

Over the past several months, Russia has been able to make gains by attacking frontline towns and infantry positions with aerial bombs.

The Russian attack, which is aimed at the towns of Lyptsi and Vovchansk north of Ukraine began last Friday.

Andronikov said the enemy has the advantage in manpower, although they do not have as many vehicles as before.

The Russians, he said, were sending fewer armoured vehicles, but even so were able to carry out several times more artillery shells and FPV drones than Ukraine.

He condemned the restrictions placed by some Ukrainian allies on the use of their arms to strike Russia, saying the limits handicapped Kyiv’s ability to fight back on the northern front.

Ukrainian soldiers have long said the restriction gives Russia a shield, enabling its forces to attack from across the border.

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