Russian Forces Capture Another Village in Eastern Ukraine

Sat May 25 2024
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Moscow: Russia said on Saturday that its military had seized control of another village in eastern Ukraine, marking another incremental territorial gain.
The Russian defense ministry confirmed the capture of Arkhengelske village in the Donetsk region, situated near Ocheretyne, which Russia had reportedly taken earlier this month.
Ukrainian authorities, meanwhile, said that three people had been killed and three others wounded in Russian attacks on Donetsk. The city endured over 1,800 strikes within a single day.
The escalation began on May 10 when Russia initiated an offensive in the northeastern Kharkiv region.
Ukraine asserted that this move aimed to draw Ukrainian forces away from the eastern Donetsk front.
Ukrainian forces claimed to have halted Russia’s advance in the Kharkiv region on Friday, engaging in counter-attacks. However, they noted a surge in Russian assaults on other parts of the front lines.

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