Russian Forces Destroy Ukrainian Military Equipment Near Kupyansk

Sun Dec 24 2023
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MOSCOW: Russian forces reportedly destroyed Ukrainian military equipment and transport in the Kupyansk direction. The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the forces of the First Guard of the Western Group of the Russian army successfully targeted a military transport truck belonging to Ukrainian forces. The statement clarified that the truck was being used to transport ammunition and materials to Ukrainian forward positions.

The latest incident comes on the heels of a series of confrontations, with Russian forces neutralizing 620 Ukrainian soldiers and downing 36 drones the day before.

Meanwhile, the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson faced a barrage of Russian bombardment, resulting in four fatalities and nine injuries over a 24-hour period, as reported by a regional official on Sunday. The Russian forces allegedly fired 71 shells at Kherson, targeting the city center, residential areas, medical and educational institutions, as well as critical infrastructure facilities.

Russian Forces Attacks on Kherson

Oleksandr Prokudin, the governor of the region, shared the grim details on Telegram, stating, “As a result of Russian aggression, four people died and nine others were wounded, including one child.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the “brutal terrorist shelling” that deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure and residential streets. Zelensky pledged swift action to restore electricity and heat supply in Kherson.

The city of Kherson, recaptured by Ukraine in November of the previous year after several months of Russian occupation, remains a consistent target for Moscow’s forces based on the opposite bank of the Dnipro River.


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