Russian Minister visits North Korea

Wed Nov 15 2023
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SEOUL: A Russian delegation led by natural resources minister Alexander Kozlov has arrived in Pyongyang, local media reported on Wednesday. The development comes as Pyongyang announced a new progress in its banned missile program.

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Alexander Kozlov arrived North Korea, as US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin held a meeting with UN member nations enforcing the Korean War armistice in Seoul.  Lloyd Austin claimed that they were concerned that Beijing and Moscow are helping Pyongyang expand its military abilities by enabling North Korea to avert UN sanctions.

North Korea and Russia were conducting dialogue on science, technology and economy, KCNA reported. The Russian Ministers told a reception that Moscow wants to develop “cooperation” with Pyongyang based on the agreements made by President Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un when they held a meeting in September in Russia, KCNA added.

Russian Minister visits North Korea

The Minister also thanked North Korea for extending its “complete support” to Moscow over regional and global issues, the news agency reported.

North Korean official media also stated that North Korea had successfully conducted static tests of “new-type high-thrust solid-fuel engines” for IRBMs.

North Korea’s attached great importance to the new IRBM, adding the recent tests are must for enhancing the strategic offensive abilities of the army in light of “the grave security atmosphere facing the nation” and the “vicious” conspiracy of its enemies, KCNA maintained.

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The US has accused North Korea of proving military equipment to Moscow for use in its war with Ukraine, and Russia of providing technical military help to support North Korea.

Russia and North Korea have rejected any arms deals, though their leaders vowed closer military cooperation in September.

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