Russian President to Push Growing Beijing-Moscow Trade in China’s Northeast

Fri May 17 2024
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BEIJING: After sealing promises of a “new era” of strategic alliance with China’s President Xi Jinping, Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Friday is set to highlight the increasing importance of trade near his country’s border in China’s northeast.

President Putin ends his two-day visit to China in Harbin in Heilongjiang province, which has long-running cultural and trade relations to Russia, touring a China- Russian Expo and a forum on regional cooperation.

Reuters reported that confronting political isolation and Western sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Kyiv, Russian President Putin is increasingly turning to Beijing to back its war economy. Amid the display of a full official visit, Xi and Putin signed a joint statement on Thursday that hailed the “new era”, countering Washington across a sweep of economic and security issues and a shared world view.

President Xi told Putin that the Russia-China ties today is hard-earned, and they need to cherish and nurture it.  He said that Beijing is willing to… jointly achieve the progress of their respective nations, and work together to uphold justice and fairness in the world.

Moscow’s isolation from other countries has fuelled its trade with Beijing, which increased 26.3% last year to a record $240.1, Chinese officials said.

An editorial in China’s state-run Global Times newspaper has cited the significance of growing trade relations to the wider ties, saying Beijing had been Moscow’s largest trading partner for thirteen straight years.

President Putin is flanked by a large trade delegation, which also includes the country’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov and Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina.

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