Saudi Arabia Strongly Condemns Israeli Continued Genocidal Massacres of Palestinians

Wed May 29 2024
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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly condemned and denounced the continuous genocidal massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the defenseless Palestinians in Rafah, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Tuesday.

It said the Kingdom holds the Israeli authorities fully responsible for what is happening in Rafah and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Saudi Arabia also affirmed that the Israeli occupation forces’ continuous open violations of all global and humanitarian resolutions, laws, and norms, in light of the silence of the international community, aggravate the magnitude of the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe faced by the Palestinian people. It said the Israeli action in Rafah puts the credibility of the institutions of international legitimacy at stake.

Saudi Arabia stressed the need for the international community to fulfill its responsibilities more than ever before, to stop the massacres of the Palestinian people and hold those responsible accountable.

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