Saudi Arabia’s Megaproject ‘Neom’ Offers Over 260 Job Openings

Tue May 28 2024
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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s futuristic megaproject, Neom, is offering more than 260 different job positions for people who are interested in moving to the city.

Announcing the recruitment process, the Neom official website says: “The land of the future, where the greatest minds and the best talent are empowered to embody pioneering ideas and exceed boundaries in a world inspired by imagination. “Join us on a journey of visionary minds where you seek to understand, embrace culture, make a difference, and create a legacy.”

The job vacancies range from the director of the Neom Community School, the leader of animal repopulation, to the director of personalized genetic health.

Neom plans to prioritize citizens’ health over transportation and infrastructure.

To achieve this, Neom needs a personalized health director who will help “integrate genetics into personalized healthcare.”

Besides this, there is also an opening for a managerial position at the Neom Community Centre, where they are in need of Arabic and Islamic teachers.

Additionally, they are also in search of someone to fill the “head of student attraction role” to ensure that Neom is considered “the most attractive place to live and work” and prepare the “brightest young minds” for careers within the futuristic city.

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