Saudi Arabia’s Public Security Launches E-Service For Reporting Stolen Vehicles

Thu Dec 29 2022
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ISLAMABAD: The Public Security Directorate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched a new E-service for reporting stolen vehicles during the Absher Forum 2022 held at the Ministry of Interior Staff Club.

This newly launched E-service by Public Security Department will help citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to report their stolen vehicles online without the need to visit police stations for reporting.

E-Service procedure

This E-service can be accessed by logging in to the Absher platform, which is a portal of the Saudi Ministry of Interior, then selecting the services section from the vehicles tab, then select the vehicle to be reported tab, and finally choosing the service for reporting of stolen vehicles.

E-Service and Interior Ministry

The Saudi Ministry of Interior is adopting fast technological development related to online-based E-Services provided to its citizens, residents businesses forums, and government sector.

There are more than 350 e-services in Kingdom that have contributed to saving time and effort for 26 million beneficiaries, which includes both citizens and residents.

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