Sharks Kills 15-Year-Old in Southern Australia: Police

Fri Dec 29 2023
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SYDNEY: A shark attacked and killed a 15-year-old boy surfing at a remote spot in Southern Australia, police said Friday.

The state police in a statement said the predator attacked the teen on Thursday afternoon near Ethel Beach on the Yorke Peninsula. Later the police recovered the dead body of the boy from the water.

Police said they were finalizing the report of the incident but gave no details of the attack on the boy, a resident of southern Adelaide suburb.

The local media quoting an unidentified Ethel Beach resident as saying another surfer had trying to help the boy after he was bitten on the leg.

There were no details about the shark involved in the attack, but great white sharks are known to attack people in South Australia’s coastline.

In October, a shark grabbed a 55-year-old surfer in its jaws near Granites Beach. Police failed to recover his body.

In May a 46-year-old teacher was also attacked by a shark as he was surfing at South Australia’s Walkers Rock Beach. His body was not found but search teams discovered a piece of wetsuit.

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