Smoking Immediately After Iftar Poses Fatal Health Risks During Ramazan

Sat Mar 16 2024
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ISLAMABAD: As the holy month of Ramazan unfolds, experts issue a stark warning against a dangerous habit that poses severe health risks: smoking immediately after Iftar. Amidst the spiritual observances and communal gatherings, the act of lighting up a cigarette right after breaking the fast has been unveiled as potentially fatal, according to recent research.

Conducted by medical specialists, studies have revealed that smoking post-Iftar is exceptionally harmful, depriving the body of essential oxygen, carbohydrates, and water crucial for replenishment after fasting. A single puff of a cigarette prompts arteries to constrict, impeding the absorption of oxygen into the bloodstream. This leads to blood thickening, elevating the risks of clotting, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, consequently amplifying the likelihood of heart disease.

The repercussions are dire, as smoking immediately after breaking the fast can induce physical tremors in the extremities and exacerbate cardiac issues, potentially resulting in sudden death, as highlighted by the research findings.

Moreover, medical professionals caution that smoking during Ramazan is particularly detrimental to blood vessel walls, significantly worsening the damage compared to other times of the year. This post-fast smoking habit compromises the body’s immune system, magnifying health risks.

In light of these grave health concerns, experts advocate for a significant reduction in smoking, emphasizing a safer approach by delaying cigarette consumption by at least 30 to 40 minutes after Iftar. Ramazan, they assert, presents an opportune moment to embark on quitting smoking altogether. The discipline cultivated during the fasting period, where individuals abstain from smoking for extended hours, can serve as a springboard for long-term cessation.

Ramazan not only serves as a time of spiritual reflection and communal solidarity but also offers a unique window for people to prioritize their health and well-being by breaking free from the shackles of smoking addiction.

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