South Africa Hails ‘Groundbreaking’ ICJ Verdict Against Israel Offensive in Gaza

Fri May 24 2024
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JOHANNESBURG: South Africa has welcomed groundbreaking verdict of the International Court of Justice’s that calls on Israeli to stop the all-out war on Gaza.

“I believe it’s a much stronger, in terms of wording, set of provisional measures, a very clear call for a cessation,” said the South Africa Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor, urging UN member states to support the decision.

South Africa’s case before the ICJ accused Israel’s military operation in Gaza of constituting “genocide.”

While the court deliberates on the case, it has issued preliminary measures instructing Israel to prevent acts of genocide during its campaign against Hamas.

Despite this, Israel continued its operation, notably targeting the densely populated city of Rafah. South Africa petitioned for further interim orders, leading to Friday’s ruling.

Pandor expressed South Africa’s satisfaction with the court’s response, asserting that their case grows stronger each day, highlighting the ongoing alleged genocide. However, she cautioned that Israel is unlikely to comply with the order, emphasizing the need for UN members and the Security Council to enforce international law.

Acknowledging the fear and horror of the situation, Pandor stressed the importance of collective action, stating, “We cannot just rely on those who are the executioners of this ongoing onslaught to be the ones to stop it.”

The Gaza conflict erupted following an attack by Hamas on October 7, resulting in numerous civilian casualties. Hamas welcomed the ICJ’s ruling regarding the Rafah offensive but criticized its exclusion of the broader Gaza Strip, calling for an end to aggression against all Palestinians in the region.

Hamas Hails ICJ Ruling

Hamas hailed the ICJ Friday ruling that urged Israel to halt military operation in any area of Gaza.

“We welcome the decision by the world court that calls on the Zionist occupation forces to end its military aggression on Rafah. We believe it is not enough since the occupation aggression across the Gaza Strip and especially in northern Gaza is just as brutal and dangerous,” reacted Hamas official Basem Naim.

He called on the UN security council to immediately implement this demand by the UN top court into practical measures to compel the Israel to implement the decision.

“We welcome the court’s request to allow investigation committees to reach the Gaza Strip to investigate acts of war of genocide against the Palestinian people and Hamas pledges to cooperate with investigation committees,” he concluded.

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