Strong Demand Leads Toyota’s Global Output to Record in November

Wed Dec 27 2023
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TOKYO: In November, Toyota Motor experienced an impressive 11% surge in global production, reaching an all-time high and rebounding from disruptions in the supply chain last year.

This growth was fueled by strong demand in Japan and abroad. Vehicle output hit a new peak at 926,573 units, while global sales rose by 14% compared to the previous year when semiconductor shortages plagued the automotive industry worldwide. These statistics encompass Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus.

Notably, domestic sales soared by 27% for the month, with a 17% increase in both the United States and China, and a 15% climb in Europe. This performance solidifies Toyota’s position as the leading automaker, poised to exceed 10 million sales of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in 2023, setting yet another record.

A striking trend this year has been the popularity of gasoline-electric hybrids, accounting for approximately a third of total vehicle sales.

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