Taliban Minister Takes up Refugees’ Assets Issue During Pakistan Visit

Tue Nov 14 2023
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ISLAMABAD: In a recent diplomatic development, the acting commerce minister of the Taliban-led administration in Afghanistan, Haji Nooruddin Azizi, held discussions with Pakistan’s caretaker foreign minister, Jalil Abbas Jilani, in Islamabad.

The meeting primarily focused on bilateral trade, the transfer of stranded goods belonging to Afghan traders in Karachi port, and the smooth repatriation of Afghan refugees’ properties from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

The discussions come in the aftermath of Pakistan’s decision to expel hundreds of thousands of undocumented Afghans, citing concerns about the Taliban’s alleged reluctance to address militant activities against Pakistan. The Taliban contends that militancy is an internal matter for Pakistan and has urged Islamabad to halt the deportation of Afghan citizens.

The Afghan embassy’s statement highlighted the need for addressing the challenges faced by Afghan citizens returning to their homeland, particularly the restrictions on the transfer of cash and property from Pakistan. The visit aimed to explore ways to facilitate the repatriation process and ensure a seamless transfer of assets.

Pakistan’s foreign office underscored the significance of united efforts against terrorism to unlock the complete potential for regional trade and connectivity. Despite divergent views on the deportation matter, diplomatic discussions between the two nations aimed to tackle trade-related issues and foster regional cooperation.

The Taliban’s acting commerce minister is also set to participate in a trilateral meeting with representatives from Pakistan and Uzbekistan, focusing on trade transit and railway connections between South and Central Asia that involve Afghanistan. The outcome of these discussions could have implications for the broader economic landscape in the region.



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