‘The Simpsons’, Imran Abbas and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is a Cross-over no one Expected

Mon Jul 08 2024
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LAHORE:  Pakistani actor Imran Abbas recently noticed a strange coincidence as he saw an old episode of The Simpsons featuring Stevie Wonder and claimed that the hairstyles in the episode were similar to Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s popular song Bado Badi.

Imran Abbas shared his revelation on his Instagram story, featuring side-by-side images of Stevie Wonder’s animated appearance playing the saxophone and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s latest song. He wrote, “The Simpsons did it again! Just like in the past, the Simpsons predicted the doom of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan on us in its previous episodes.”

Imran Abbas is either joking or seriously thinks Stevie Wonder is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, but his fans enjoying the fun anyway.

People are reacting with both humor and doubt on social media. One user joked. “Obviously it’s Stevie Wonder!”. Another said, “I’m sure that was Stevie Wonder, but still funny.” Another commented, “Look at the hair,”. One user was confused that the entire episode was even real, stating, “Did he really watch? I mean this could be AI-generated.”

Imran Abbas whether in jest or sincerity, has brought a smile to our faces and possibly, a new perspective to consider the next time we tune into The Simpsons.

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