Top Biden Official Doubts Israel Can Defeat Hamas

Tue May 14 2024
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WASHINGTON: The US President Joe Biden administration does not see it likely that Israel will be able to defeat Hamas in Gaza, US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said on Monday.

As US officials have asked Israel to help devise a clear plan for the governance of post-war Gaza, Campbell’s remarks are the clearest from a top US official admitting that Israel’s current military strategy won’t achieve the result that it is looking for.

Campbell at a NATO Youth Summit in Miami said we are struggling over the theory of victory adding that sometimes when we listen to Israeli leaders closely, they talk about mostly the idea of a sweeping victory on the battlefield, total victory.

He added that according to the situation on the ground, this is not possible.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly vowed to have complete victory against Hamas.

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According to the health ministry in Gaza, since October 7 last year, Israel has launched a relentless bombardment campaign in a besieged enclave killing at least 35,091 Palestinian people, mostly women and children.

Campbell’s remarks come as Washington is warning Israel not to go ahead with a grand military offensive in Rafah, the southern city of the Gaza Strip where over a million displaced people are taking shelter.

US Deputy Secretary of State said that the issue of Gaza can only be solved through a political solution.

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