UN Peacekeeping: Pakistani To Be Honoured Posthumously

Wed May 29 2024
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UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan’s significant contributions to United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations are set to be recognized on the International Day of UN Peacekeepers, with the nation’s enduring commitment highlighted through its substantial sacrifices and ongoing participation.

At a special ceremony in New York on May 30, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will lead tributes to peacekeepers worldwide, including 64 individuals who lost their lives in service, among them Pakistani civilian Muhammad Zafar Abbas. This solemn occasion underscores the profound dedication exhibited by peacekeepers globally, embodying the noble pursuit of peace even in the face of peril.

Pakistan’s role in UN peacekeeping is noteworthy, with over 170 Pakistani peacekeepers sacrificing their lives since the nation’s inception. Presently, Pakistan stands as the 5th largest contributor of military and police personnel to UN peace operations, with over 3,800 personnel deployed across various conflict zones, including Abyei, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan.

Since 1948, Pakistan has been a steadfast participant in UN peacekeeping efforts, epitomizing the nation’s unwavering commitment to global peace and security. The historic decision to deploy military observers to the Middle East in 1948 marked Pakistan’s initial involvement, paving the way for its continued engagement in over 71 operations worldwide.

As part of the commemoration, the UN will also recognize Major Radhika Sen from India with the Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award, highlighting the crucial role of women in promoting peace and security, aligned with UN Security Council resolution 1325.

In his message, Secretary-General Guterres lauded the selfless endeavors of peacekeepers, emphasizing their pivotal role in upholding human rights, protecting civilians, and fostering stability. The theme for this year’s International Day, “Fit for the future, building better together,” underscores the evolving nature of UN peacekeeping operations and the collective effort required to address emerging challenges.

Pakistan’s steadfast participation in UN peacekeeping underscores its commitment to global peace and stability, embodying the spirit of international cooperation and solidarity in pursuit of a more peaceful world.

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