US President Signs $61 Billion Military Aid Bill for Ukraine

Wed Apr 24 2024
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WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed legislation authorizing $61 billion in military aid for Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict with Russia, with the Pentagon swiftly announcing a $1 billion package headed for Kyiv.

The package, which also includes aid for Israel and Taiwan, as well as provisions regarding TikTok, aims to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities and address urgent humanitarian needs.

In a press conference, Biden emphasized the importance of swiftly delivering aid to Ukraine, stating, “We are making sure the shipments start right away, in the next few hours.” He underscored that the legislation enhances America’s commitment to global security and reinforces support for allies facing threats to their sovereignty.

The Pentagon wasted no time in announcing a $1 billion aid package for Kyiv, featuring air defense systems, artillery munitions, precision rocket launchers, and armored vehicles. This aid comes at a critical time as Ukrainian forces grapple with ammunition shortages and increased pressure from Russian aggression.

The aid legislation had faced months of debate and delay in Congress, with disagreements over its scope and timing. However, bipartisan support ultimately prevailed, reflecting a unified stance in providing assistance to Ukraine amid escalating tensions in the region.

The bill also includes a provision to potentially ban TikTok in the United States if the platform fails to sever ties with its Chinese parent company. TikTok has vowed to challenge this measure in court, emphasizing its commitment to protecting users’ rights and maintaining its presence in the American market.


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