US Threatens Sanctions Over India-Iran Chabahar Port Deal

Tue May 14 2024
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WASHINGTON: In a US State Department briefing, spokesperson Vedant Patel issued a warning, stating that India could face sanctions if it proceeded with business deals involving Iran, particularly the Chabahar Port project.

The warning comes after Indian Ports Global Limited (IPGL) and Iran’s Port & Maritime Organisation (PMO) signed a ten-year bilateral contract to operate a section of Chabahar Port.

Under the agreement, IPGL committed to investing $120 million to enhance port facilities, supported by a $250 million credit window from India for infrastructure projects related to Chabahar.

Patel emphasized that US sanctions on Iran remain in place and will be enforced, urging caution to entities engaging in business with Iran.

Despite the US stance, he deferred to the Indian government to articulate its foreign policy objectives concerning the Chabahar port deal and its broader relationship with Iran.

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