US Urges Israel to Avoid Civilian Displacement in Gaza During Military Operation

Tue Nov 28 2023
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WASHINGTON: Senior officials from the Biden administration have communicated to Israel that any potential military operation in Gaza must avoid “significant further displacement” of Palestinian civilians in the southern region.

The administration, concerned about civilian casualties and mass displacement from Israeli actions, emphasized the need for precision and careful consideration in the southern Gaza operations, contrasting with the military actions in the north, according to anonymous sources briefed by the White House.

As international and domestic pressure mounts regarding the Palestinian death toll, the White House is reportedly applying increased pressure on Israel to ensure that the upcoming military campaign is strategically planned. One official noted that Israeli authorities have been open to the concerns raised by the administration.

Israel Announces to Resume Military Operation in Gaza

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has indicated that the Israeli Defense Forces will resume military operations after the conclusion of the current temporary ceasefire. The truce has been extended for an additional two days, with ongoing negotiations for the release of more hostages.

While President Joe Biden expressed the desire to see the pause continue, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to return to the Middle East to work towards extending the ceasefire and facilitating more hostage releases.

The US has conveyed to Israel the challenges posed by potential further displacement in south and central Gaza, where approximately 2 million Palestinians reside. Administration officials underscored the strain on humanitarian support networks and the potential inability to manage the displacement similar to that seen in northern Gaza.


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