Video of Girls Assaulting Salesman in Lahore Sparks Outrage

Tue Jul 09 2024
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LAHORE: A shocking video from Lahore’s Garden Town is going viral, showing three girls assaulting a salesman. The girls are reportedly the daughters of a well-known lawyer. A video surfaced on social media is a CCTV footage, showing three girls verbally abusing an elderly person who tried to intervene in the matter.

The police in Garden Town arrested the salesman after a powerful person complained that he tried to retaliate with violence.

Salesman in Lahore

The public is outraged and demanded for a fair and thorough investigation to ascertain the real culprits. Social media users expressed anger over the matter and said that no one should be the above and actions should be taken to prevent such incidents in future. They said that no one has the right to take law in his hand.

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