WhatsApp Introduces AI-Generated Profile Pictures Update

Thu May 23 2024
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ISLAMABAD: WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform owned by Meta, is rolling out AI-generated profile pictures, allowing users to create unique and personalized profile pictures that reflect their personality, interests, or mood.

The new feature utilizes artificial intelligence technology to enable users to create personalized profile pictures tailored to their preferences, interests, or mood. Instead of uploading conventional images, users can now describe the type of picture they desire, prompting WhatsApp’s AI to generate a unique profile image for them.

This innovation aims to streamline the profile picture updating process, eliminating the need for users to search for suitable images or constantly update their profile pictures manually. By leveraging AI, WhatsApp aims to enhance user privacy by reducing the reliance on real photos.

WhatsApp Beta has confirmed the rollout of this feature, emphasizing its potential to save users time and effort while offering a creative outlet for self-expression within the app. Although the name of WhatsApp’s AI technology remains unknown, the platform has integrated Meta AI into its operations since April 2024.

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