WhatsApp Testing New Feature to Block Profile Photo Screenshots

Sun May 12 2024
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LONDON: WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature aimed at preventing the unauthorized capture of profile photos in a bid to enhance user privacy, WABetaInfo reported.

Initially available for Android beta users, the feature is now being trialed on iOS as well, with the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update via the TestFlight app unveiling the development.

The upcoming update is set to introduce a significant enhancement to user privacy by disallowing the capture of profile photos within the app.

Upon implementation, users attempting to take screenshots of profile pictures will be met with a notification, informing them that such actions are blocked to safeguard everyone’s privacy on WhatsApp.

This move underscores WhatsApp’s commitment to empowering users with greater control over their personal information, curbing the potential misuse of profile photos.

While the feature may not entirely eradicate the risk of unauthorized image capture, it represents a noteworthy stride in fortifying privacy measures.

WhatsApp aims to diminish the likelihood of these images being exploited or disseminated without consent by thwarting the ability to capture screenshots of profile photos within the app.

Although users could still resort to alternative methods for capturing images, the in-app screenshot blockage is set to significantly mitigate the risk of unauthorized sharing of profile photos.

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