World’s First All-Weather Cricket Stadium to Take Shape in Tasmania

Tue Jul 09 2024
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HOBART: Cricket fans around the globe are excited for the world’s first all-weather cricket stadium in Hobart, Tasmania, set to redefine sporting infrastructure with its innovative design. The Macquarie Point stadium, slated for construction on Hobart’s scenic waterfront, guarantees uninterrupted play regardless of weather conditions.

Sport and Events Minister Nic Street unveiled details of the project, emphasizing its dual purpose as a sporting venue and a cultural landmark inspired by Tasmania’s rich heritage. The 23,000-seat stadium, part of a broader initiative to introduce an AFL team to Tasmania by 2028, features a distinctive woven-style facade reminiscent of Hobart’s historic Rail Yard roundhouse. Indigenous community input has been integral, ensuring cultural sensitivity in the stadium’s development.

“The transparent roof, supported by an internal steel and timber frame, not only showcases Tasmanian craftsmanship but also allows natural light onto the playing surface,” Minister Street explained during a press briefing. “This stadium represents a significant milestone in our quest to establish AFL and AFLW teams on Tasmanian soil, while also serving as a versatile community asset.”

Designed by Cox Architecture, the stadium boasts features tailored for cricket, including a naturally ventilated roof that extends the grass growing season, potentially enabling a longer cricket calendar. Concerns about roof height affecting play, as seen in other stadiums, have been addressed to ensure optimal conditions for athletes and spectators alike.

Alistair Richardson, CEO of Cox Architecture, highlighted additional amenities such as a 1500-person function room with panoramic views of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, and a northern stand equipped for concerts and events. The stadium’s design integrates data on cricket ball trajectory to enhance playing conditions, while a continuous concourse and intimate seating bowl promise an immersive experience for attendees.

However, not everyone supports the stadium’s development. Greens MP Cassy O’Connor voiced concerns over its location and potential environmental impact on the surrounding area. Despite these reservations, AFL CEO Andrew Dillon expressed enthusiasm for the stadium, viewing it as a pivotal step toward establishing the Tassie Devils Football Club and enhancing Tasmania’s sporting profile.

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