WWII Veteran Honored with France’s Legion of Honor

Mon May 13 2024
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NEW YORK, USA: At 101 years old, Jack Hausman’s remarkable journey through life spans eight decades filled with profound experiences, from enduring the battlefields of World War II to taking over the family business and embodying a lifelong commitment to pacifism.

Recently honored in his New York home with France’s Legion of Honor for his wartime contributions, Hausman’s emotional response reflected a flood of memories and a deep sense of gratitude tinged with sorrow for fallen comrades.

Surrounded by loved ones, Hausman’s tearful acceptance of the prestigious award symbolized not only his individual service but also the collective sacrifice of the 250 members of his regiment who fought alongside him. Despite his humility, Hausman’s role in liberating France and Europe during the war was acknowledged by French embassy officials, who sought to honor the dwindling number of surviving American veterans.

Reflecting on his wartime experiences, Hausman’s pacifist beliefs remained steadfast, underlining his commitment to peace and compassion even amid the brutality of conflict. Despite witnessing death and destruction, his humanity prevailed as he extended acts of kindness to both friend and foe alike, emphasizing empathy and solidarity over enmity.

Returning from the war, Hausman resumed civilian life, eventually leading the family business to success before retiring at the remarkable age of 98. His enduring love story with his high-school sweetheart, spanning 76 years of marriage, exemplifies his resilience and devotion.

As Hausman’s daughters express pride and gratitude for their father’s long-overdue recognition, his poignant reflections on war and peace serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring legacy of sacrifice and the imperative of striving for a more peaceful world.

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