Xi Visits Shanghai, Focuses on Strengthening Financial Competitiveness

Wed Nov 29 2023
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SHANGHAI: China’s President Xi Jinping conducted a two-day visit to Shanghai, emphasizing the city’s efforts to enhance its competitiveness as an international financial hub, according to a report by Xinhua news agency.

The visit, Xi’s first to Shanghai since November 2020, involved inspections at key venues, including the Shanghai Futures Exchange, a sci-tech innovations exhibition, and a government-subsidized rental housing community.

Accompanied by government leaders such as senior Communist Party official Cai Qi, Vice Premier He Lifeng, and Shanghai’s party secretary Chen Jining, President Xi explored initiatives aimed at reinforcing Shanghai’s status as a global financial center. The visit coincided with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone (FTZ), designed as an experimental area for economic reforms.

President Xi’s engagement with Shanghai’s economic landscape aligns with broader efforts to address challenges and bolster confidence in China’s economic trajectory.


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