Zelensky Urges Allies to Employ “All Means” to Coerce Russia into Peace

Mon May 27 2024
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MADRID: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday called on allies to pressure Russia into peace by using “all means” amid escalating hostilities.

Zelensky’s call came during a visit to Madrid, against the backdrop of intensified Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and a deadly strike on the city of Kharkiv over the weekend.

As Moscow claimed territorial gains in eastern Ukraine and reports emerged of civilian casualties, Zelensky underscored the urgency of the situation, stressing the need for concerted action to counter Russia’s offensive.

“In these weeks, our soldiers are defending themselves against the Russian offensive,” Zelensky remarked. He urged a unified effort to intensify cooperation with international partners in compelling Russia towards a peaceful resolution.

Highlighting the need of bolstering Ukraine’s defense capabilities, Zelensky urged allies to permit Ukrainian forces to “defend ourselves” and called for a review of restrictions on the use of weapons supplied by Western countries.

“We need to work together and put pressure not only on Russia, but also on our partners to give us the opportunity to defend ourselves against Russia,” Zelensky asserted.

Zelensky renewed his appeal for additional Patriot air defense systems, citing the urgent need to counter the thousands of aerial bombs launched by Moscow each month.

“We need at least two systems for Kharkiv alone,” Zelensky stated, emphasizing the critical role of air defense in protecting civilian populations.

As he prepares to continue his diplomatic engagements with a visit to Portugal, Zelensky reiterated Ukraine’s plea for international support.

“We need at least two systems for Kharkiv alone,” Zelensky reiterated. He urged urgent action to address the escalating humanitarian crisis unfolding in eastern Ukraine.

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