Saudi Al-Noor Specialist Hospital Prepares for Hajj, Dedicates Center to Heat-Related Illnesses

Mon Jun 10 2024
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MAKKAH: Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, a member of the Makkah Health Cluster, is ready to provide comprehensive health services to Hajj pilgrims, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Monday.

The medical facility is equipped to provide medical, preventive, and diagnostic care to Hajj pilgrims.

One of the important services provided by the hospital is the treatment of heat-related illnesses, including cases of heat exhaustion.

To address such cases, the hospital has set up a specialized centre dedicated to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. The centre is installed with water spray nozzles, refrigerators for storing fluids and ice, spray fans and operates under the supervision of the emergency department.

The centre is staffed by qualified healthcare professionals who are well-trained in treating heat-related conditions. The healthcare officials are available round the clock to care for patients suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Nigerian Pilgrim Welcomes First Hajj Baby

A 30-year-old Nigerian pilgrim has given birth to a baby boy, the first newborn arrival this Hajj season. The baby is named Mohammed and is being cared for at Makkah Maternity and Children’s Hospital, the SPA reported.

The pilgrim came to the hospital’s emergency room experiencing labour pains at 31 weeks of pregnancy. The emergency team promptly assessed her condition and shifted her to the maternity ward where she gave normal birth. While the mother is in the recovery phase with good health, baby Mohammed is receiving specialized care due to his premature arrival.

The Makkah Maternity and Children’s Hospital operates at full capacity during the Hajj season to provide extra healthcare services to pilgrims. The services include emergency care, childbirth support, and comprehensive women’s and children’s medical services, all at the highest medical standards.

The Nigerian pilgrim thanked the medical staff for their exceptional care and attention during delivery.

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